Complete Player Care

The Orr Hockey Group's primary goal is to provide every one of our clients with a comprehensive plan of programs and services so that they may fully develop and reach their limitless potential…on and off the ice. Every Orr Hockey client will be provided with a full continuum of guidance that ensures peak performance.

Our roadmap to excellence starts with the proper assessment of a player’s strengths and weaknesses. From this starting point we are able to help design and implement player specific “personal plans for success”, which includes focused skill development, strength and conditioning guidance and assistance with the establishment of individual nutrition plans.

Our personalized approach also includes assisting with a player’s emotional growth.  Specifically, we will use our years of professional experience to help our clients to better deal with the pressures that accompany high expectations. We understand that is vitally important to build consistency by providing our players with a complete "performance education"; a more professional approach to managing their personal game plans. Armed with all of these tools, we believe each player has the potential to develop the core fundamentals necessary to play successfully at the professional level.


Player Communication Services

Endorsement facilitation / negotiation

Marketing Oversight

  • media
  • team relations
  • sponsor interface

Event execution

Legacy Planning

Retirement transition

Concierge service


Unfortunately, career-threatening injuries in professional hockey are part of the landscape. Having proper insurance in place is an absolute necessity. OHG works closely with insurance industry experts to assess each of our client’s particular insurance requirements. Once determined, OHG will assist with the implementation of all policies ensuring adequate coverage at competitive rates.

NHL Entry Draft Preparation

We assist all of our draft eligible clients in preparing for the NHL Entry Draft Combine. This includes counselling on both the fitness testing aspects of the Combine as well as the team interview process. Having the ability to provide an “inside/team perspective” on the Combine to our clients is an advantage that OHG has over all of its peers in the agent business.

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